Industriuka 2022 will be bigger than ever. In just a short time, the meeting place has grown into a large happening. Through a collaboration of different clusters, our industrial companies come together for this conference.

A forerunner to Industriuka was Technology Day.  IKT Telemark took the initiative for planning this in 2017. The day was arranged as a free event in September that same year at the Park Cinema, Skien, with partners such as Fortinet, UniTrends, Provendo, SmartKom and ice.net. The theme of the conference was “IT, technology and the future”.

Exactly one year later, the conference kicked off again, this time in Porsgrunn’s culture house, Ælvespeilet. Both the number of participants and stands grew in number from the previous year and it was decided to invite the industry to the conference again the following year. In 2019, the conference was extended to two days with a focus on IT, industry and sustainability. Organizers and partners included Sparebanken Sør, Varden, IKT Telemark, Industrial Green Tech, Industriclusteret Grenland, Lederforum Grenland, Teknologinettverk Telemark, Telemark Offshore and Powered by Telemark.

In 2020, the conference was scheduled for May, but was postponed until November due to the worldwide pandemic.

Industriuka 2021 was held 25 – 29 October.