• There is an insane amount of development in the telemark region, and that is why tomorrow’s power supply is so important to address, says Sverre Gotaas, CEO of Herøya Industrial Park.
  • The Telemark region, including the Grenland area and Herøya Industrial Park, works today to be one of the world’s greenest industrial environments. In addition, they have some very special benefits for anyone who wants to establish new and sustainable industrial and business activities. The opportunities in the area provide more and more jobs. But – the power needs of the future increase with a number of new power-intensive industrial projects under planning. In order for the telemark region to be able to continue its positive development and retain and attract profitable industry, politicians must have power production and grid capacity high on their agenda. A flow of jobs NHO believes that by 2030, 250,000 new jobs must be created. The Telemark region can today point to a development in growth.