Terms and conditions - Industriuka exhibition

TERMS and conditions
INDUSTRIUKA (exhibition) 12th – 13th of June 2024

1. Registration
This registration is binding once it has been received by Industriuka (IU), either in completed form, or by confirming by email. The exhibitor is liable for the total stand and registration fees according to the General Payment Terms and is bound to all terms and conditions specified in this document. Industriuka makes the final decision on stand allocation and reserves the right to refuse any application at its own discretion.

2. General Payment Terms
Registration fee, NOK 5000, – will be invoiced upon registration. Stand fee, the remaining amount, will be invoiced in between January 1st – Mar 1st, 2024 unless otherwise agreed.
Exhibitors booking a stand after 1 st of Mar 2024 will be invoiced for the for the total amount directly.
Individual and additional tickets to Evening Event the 12th of June 2024 will be invoiced 60 days before the exhibition – please note, these Ticket orders & purchases are non-refundable.

Failure to comply with the payment terms will entail loss of the allocated stand. In such case IU is entitled to dispose the stand area at it owns discretion. If a registered exhibitor decides to withdraw from the exhibition and/or cancel the stand area, IU assumes full control over the stand area immediately after receiving a cancellation. Cancellation terms according to this clause will apply.

4. Sharing of a stand area
If several companies share a stand, all the companies must be registered as paying exhibitors and individually pay the registration fee. All exhibitors will be listed in the exhibitor list, both online and in the exhibition map.

5.Sub-let stand space
Exhibition space may not be sub-let to other companies without written approval from IU.

6. Cancellation of event
The registration is binding once registration has been done through our web pages or the exhibitor has received confirmation from IU.

Covid-19 guarantee
If IU is cancelled due to Covid-19, the exhibitors will be repaid 100% of the stand fee except the registration fee (NOK 5.000,-). IU will be canceled if the covid-19 situation indicates that it is not possible to carry out a full-fledged exhibition for the exhibitors and visitors.

Registration fee and Tickets to Evening Event orders & purchases are non-refundable.

IU reserves the right to cancel the exhibition if substantive grounds exist. These include an unacceptably low number of bookings or the likelihood – in the judgement of IU – that visitor numbers will be unacceptably low. Before the exhibition is cancelled, registered exhibitors will be consulted as far as possible for their views. In the event of a cancellation, stand fee paid will be refunded. No refunds will be made for any other costs incurred by exhibitors or for any work carried out by them in connection with the exhibition.

7. Insurance and responsibility
The exhibitor is responsible for all damages, and/or damages to plant or inventory, caused by his employees, volunteers and random helpers. No changes to the exhibitions plant, inventory or other property are allowed. Bolting to floor, walls, ceiling, or columns is prohibited and exhibitor bears responsibility for additional costs in such cases.

The organizer accepts no responsibility for exhibitor’s goods and equipment during the exhibition.

Exhibitors are responsible for insuring against any damage and keep a liability insurance that covers build up, public and employers’ liability during show period, dismantling, at no less than NOK 5.000.000, -.

Exhibitors must comply with Norwegian law and statutory regulations and acquire all permits required in connection with the exhibition from the responsible authorities.

8.Force majeure
Events outside both parties’ control – for example, strike, lockout, fire, etc., which make it impossible to fulfil the obligations in this agreement – give the right to terminate the agreement without liability. Exhibitors may have the rental cost refunded but is not entitled to further compensation. In case of cancellation, the refund includes stand rental except the registration fee.

9. Disputes
The parties nominate the Stavanger District Court (Stavanger Tingrett) as the conciliation board in the event of disputes over this contract.