AUMA actuators work reliably all around the globe in water supply and wastewater treatment, in power plants, pipelines, refi neries, and industrial plants of any kind – managing the fl ow of liquids or gases, powders or granulates.
Automation of all valve types
Our actuators are tailored to customer-specifi c needs. Thanks to our comprehensive product portfolio including high performance multi-turn, part-turn, linear, and lever actuators, we offer automation solutions for any type of valve – from two-inch ball valves to diverter dampers metres high.
Highest reliability
AUMA actuators comply with international standards and are designed to excel in utmost reliability and long product working lives – limiting maintenance requirements to an absolute minimum. AUMA actuators guarantee reliable and safe service even in most hostile environmental conditions.
Easy integration
More than just fulfilling the purpose as mechanical interface to the valve, our products are the crucial interface to control systems. Modern AUMA actuator controls cater for safe communication with commonly used site control systems. Flexible device positioning and confi guration including comprehensive accessories satisfy any variety of installation specifi cations.